Eric Harmatuk

(We are Determined)

On a day that had us all high fiving each other and patting ourselves on the back for having dodged the perennial Memorial Day storms at the Cap Tex Tri, Eric Harmatuk showed us what it is to be an athlete!

Big E waited to well past 10 am to begin his journey over the same course that took him to medical with a concussion two years ago. He attacked the swim with gusto and surprised the whole clan by showing up fast for T1. Of course he then had to play fullback in order to make it to his bike and through the throngs in the bike corral.

Not to be discouraged, he threw down a T1 time worthy of the best and hit the bike full speed. This year he laid the smack down to the bike course and hit the run with redemption on his mind.

Mother nature had been playing possum up to this point and when she saw the look in E’s eyes she took it as a personal challenge to stop the Nation in his tracks. The old nag threw everything in her power at him, ultimately forcing the cancellation of the race, but Big E crossed the line to demonstrate what a primal performance is all about!

Congrats Big E!!!!