Structured Coaching

Open wave startThese structured coaching plans are periodized programs that are distance specific, and ideal for the independent or self-motivated athlete. These schedules are optimal for the athlete who values a comprehensive training plan but whose schedule or locale limits their ability to attend workouts. If you are looking for a more one on one approach please check out our Custom Training or Semi-Custom Coaching options.

What you get:

  • A structured plan with progression through your event
  • Detailed workouts
  • Limited access to Primal coaches for questions
  • Access to Primal Gear

We offer beginner, intermediate and advanced training plans for each of these races.

Please specify which plan you are looking for:

Ironman (20 weeks) $99
Half Ironman (16 weeks) $75
Olympic tri (12 weeks) $65
Sprint tri (9 weeks) $45
100 miler (26 weeks) $75
50m/100km (20 weeks) $60
50km (18 weeks) $45
Marathon (18 weeks) $45
Half marathon (12 weeks) $35
10km (12 weeks) $25
5km (10 weeks) $25
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